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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 25, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you are they giving it to? touchdown. >> or was it? one official signaled a touchdown and the other signaled touchback. nfl officials are again in the spotlight. >> at this game left a bad taste in my mouth. >> the chaos and confusion first giving way to disbelief -- >> and then discussed. >> look at the replay. the fact that it was reviewed, it's awful. >> it was a frustrating game. >> don't ask me a question about the officials. >> the question about the ongoing labor dispute lingers along with concerns about players' safety and how could it affect the integrity of the league. a firestorm that has been building through the first three weeks of the season. they're showing their frustration over the officials, including the patriots, who
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tried to grab a referee after a questionable call at the end of sunday night postgame. >> trying to get an explanation for an obviously important call in that game. >> a written explanation on what was called a simultaneous touch should have been called before it ever happened, ending the play and the game. but that goes on to say that the nfl supports the decision not to overturn the on field ruling. >> tragic. >> even though support and trust is clearly wavering from coaches, players, and fans. >> in that -- you can imagine that reaction to the mistake a blow up on twitter and facebook last night, including some profaned remarks from current nfl players. the ravens safety said -- wiping out the game winning score in seattle.
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he then spoke about what the most popular game in the country is turning into. >> they expect the players to uphold and always tell us but they don't [indiscernible] >> of the ravens will take on the cleveland browns here on tuesday night. we have your front row seat if you don't have tickets. our live coverage begins thursday night at 7:00 right here. >> there is a lot of talk going on tonight about ellen to generous enabling the baltimore's batman streaker. -- ellen did generous enabling the baltimore batman streaker. he ran out on to the field with a cape, and shirts and no pants. he was at it again this weekend. took six security guards to taken down. but what seems to be the problem
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is alan support him because he's delivering a message against the bowling. >> i want to make it perfectly clear that the want to encourage people to break the law wearing a cape and underwear, but if you'd are going to come you don't want to wear last year's style. i'm sending you our brand-new ellen striped underwear. and matching cape. >> harvey was arrested on sunday, charged with disturbing the peace and trespassing. we asked you and facebook whether ellen should celebrate the anti-bleeding message even though he's breaking the law. we have gotten a lot of feedback already. one person says he could have stood outside the stadium and got his message across. another says i get the message, but the delivery is not right. another says the stand is not delivering a message. if you want to sound off, had to our facebook page and tell us what you think.
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>> breaking news right now from sky team 11 and captain early taylor above what appears to be a vehicle in a house. >> that's correct. this vehicle has crashed into a ranch house here on black schoolhouse road, just west of 97, not too far away from tawny town. all around 3:00, the operator of the vehicle had a pastor in the vehicle and ended up losing control and crashing into this house. police are investigating the accident. we do know that the driver was taken to shock trauma and the passenger was taken to carroll county general. the investigation is still going on as to why the car crashed into the house, but they have not even begun to remove it because of the security of the house. >> thank you. new at this hour, attorneys for a former lacrosse player are
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appealing a conviction on the beating death of yardley love. his attorneys found the appeal today in charlottesville where he was convicted earlier this year in the may 2010 slaying of his ex-girlfriend. was sentenced in august to 20 years in prison. attorneys have not outlined a basis for the appeal. >> at a baltimore county executive and the police chief are speaking out tonight concerning the near riot-like situation outside a theater this past sunday morning. he is claiming that theater owners and is threatening their liquor license. we have the story live from downtown towson. >> witnesses described it as a chaotic state not -- as a chaotic scene. streets like this one not with people. we are on allegheny avenue. pending the outcome of a police investigation, the theater could be brought in front of the
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county's liquor board to face penalties. this as area businesses say the theater has done a lot of good in the community. >> an active downtown towson tuesday afternoon, just days after what people call their riot-like situation outside the theater. this video shows people being chased by police dogs. according to police, around 12:30 on sunday morning, the theater which was hosting a private event reached capacity and when people were turned away, fights broke out and one person and of getting shot. so far, five people have been arrested. police estimate more than 2500 people swelled outside the theater. >> there is nothing wrong with downtown towson. there's nothing wrong with the vast majority of the businesses that operate in downtown towson. there's nothing wrong with our college students and in particular, towson university. >> they addressed the media,
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placing the blame on the owner of the theater, saying he subcontracted the theater out to a third party and the county may go after his liquor license. >> you are responsible for what takes place in your premises as well as outside of your premises. if there are actions connected to those premises, we are going to hold those liquor license holders responsible. >> he told me to tell you he has no comment. >> we tried to speak to him in person about the allegations, but he declined to comment. according to a print interview with the "baltimore sun" he said a fraternity has to be event, and both organizations did not return e-mail requests for interviews. police say the university had nothing to do with the event and most in attendance were not from the area. >> we are confident that as the chamber of commerce and the
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community and this -- and public safety, this incident [indiscernible] >> a majority are standing by the theater, saying they have done a lot for the committee. >> they have never had a situation like this before. they have invested millions of dollars into their establishment here and they are not going to want to do anything to harm the committee. >> please tell us that they have not arrested the shooter in this case and he wouldn't comment as to how long the investigation into the theater would take. >> thank you. a developing story tonight out of fairfax county in virginia -- police are investigating a family of four found dead inside a home. we know authorities were called to check on the welfare of the family around 10:30 this morning. once inside, they made their discovery. police have provided no further details and will only say detectives are investigating.
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>> a beautiful day and a good deal of sunshine. cool and dry, but there are changes on the doorstep. just to the west of us, the clouds are starting to push in. you see the high clouds moving through the area today, rapidly increasing and they will continue to do so through the evening. quite bit of showers in western virginia and that will all move in to the baltimore area. some wet weather coming in and a change in the beautiful weather pattern. details on that in a couple of minutes. >> baltimore city moves a step closer to moving -- to opening a casino. a general manager has been named and the project developers are already talking about expansion. let's go live to downtown baltimore for more on this story. >> the new general manager was introduced today. he comes from louisiana and has 18 years' experience in the casino business.
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as this project gets underway, there are questions about a proposal to expand gaming here in maryland. it is the new banner that will boast of the location of the baltimore casino. the site in the background is not much to look at right now. >> not yet, but in a few months, we will have over 2000 construction workers building the casino. >> he says the casino will hire 1200 permanent and police and the facility will have more than 3700 video slot machines. >> the great thing about building a casino in downtown baltimore as we understand we will be a piece of the overall pie. when people come to baltimore, we want people to be a part of it. we're just going to be one piece of it. >> that makes me excited about the project, recognizing this particular area, it appears as an area of baltimore, one that
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is in definite need of revitalization. >> developers are looking to add about 500 more employees along with table games like poker and blackjack. the proposition calls for expanding gaming in maryland and opening another casino in prince george's county. with revenue going to the state, skeptics worry about the allotment for education funding. >> the biggest worry is what will happen here is lottery money. they will talk about the campaign, but not one single syllable was put into law. this money for education and the education trust fund is in the law. >> the $375 million casino is set to open in 2014. >> thank you. here's a question for you -- how far would you go to fight aging? >> how about castration?
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researchers say it might do the trick. >> u.s. officials say this man tried to set up a terrorist training camp. why he could end up on american soil. >> first, a late-night bomb threat at dulles international airport. airport. what authorities can tell i'm done!
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>> it is business as usual at dulles international airport tonight, but it was a different story last night as police investigated a bomb threat. the investigation involves two parking garages that are close to the public until about 10:00 last night. no further details have been released. >> we begin tonight to a medical alert with an amazing story of john hopkins. it took about half a dozen operations and 20 months of works, but surgeons call it a big success. the patient is a 42-year-old from maryland. here's a look at the beginning of the operation in january. her left ear had been removed due to an aggressive skin cancer. this painstaking series of operations is believed to be one of the most complicated
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performed. they pieced together dozens of its bones and arteries and surgeries -- surgeons were able to take from spare body parts and skin. they had to use her forearm, which is the next best match. pieces of her rabbit or used to make the new year and 20 months later, she is focused on recovering. doctors credit her determination and courage to go through such an exhausting series of procedures. finally, this will make you cringe -- an anti aging step few men will consider -- castration. researchers looked at men who lived in it correa and for centuries they found men who had their testicles removed outlived other men by at 219 years. a few lived past 100. some doctors speculate that lower levels of testosterone
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might improve your heart and been health system functions. >> i think i will die early. 19 years, not worth it. let's check out the temperatures around the area right now. a little bit of cloud cover but temperatures are still comfortable. 78 degrees right now in downtown baltimore. columbia at 73 degrees. ocean city, a comfortable 69. 59 in the mountains. they're starting to get showers in far western maryland and that will progress toward baltimore overnight and it over the day tomorrow. the heaviest stuff is to the south of us, moving through west virginia and weakening across the mountains but some of these showers and sprinkles might move
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into baltimore after midnight tonight. we will call at increasing cloud cover. scattered showers and winds of the south at 5 miles an hour. for the first time since last spring, the sun will be setting before 7:00. a little milder tonight thanks to this blanket of cloudiness. beautiful weather off the coast moving away. a cold front coming from the great lakes and a warm front pushing into the mississippi river valleys. these will combine and stall over the mid atlantic. that means the shower chance will linger. we will see hit and miss showers showing up in our area beginning tomorrow and lasting into the upcoming weekend. a chance for a shower overnight around baltimore. tomorrow, a mix of clout than may be an isolated thunderstorm
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in some spots as it warms up. could be close to 80 degrees tomorrow. noticed the ribbon of clouds lingering in our area. the risk of a shower will be there. while we might be able to clear things out for ravens of all, we have to mention the possibility of a 20% chance of showers. hit and miss showers in taking us into the weekend. the southwest winds will keep it warm. a risk of a thunderstorm. sunrise tomorrow at 6:58. a small craft advisory on the bay with wins out of the south and 3 foot waves on the open waters. in western maryland, showers moving in and there will be a thunderstorm tomorrow. scattered storms on thursday. the eastern shore, the same basic pattern as the showers will linger into wednesday and
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thursday. temperatures will cool toward the end of the week. 73 on a lower eastern shore and showers staying north and then going into the area on thursday. the seven-day forecast is unsettled. we have had a nice stretch of whether recently. a 20% chance of showers on thursday and rain chances go up friday and weekend. >> thank you. president obama addressed leaders of the united nations today, but he left without meeting with any of them one-on- one. >> a 19-year-old -- to win eight
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anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. >> in new york at the united nations today, president obama condemned anti-american writing
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in the muslim world and demand a crackdown on extremism. >> but with less than 60 days before election, the president did not spend much time with world leaders. >> president obama named his u.s. speech at american voters and most muslims, he say to not hate. >> i would like to begin today by telling you about an american named chris stevens. >> the u.s. diplomat who loved libya but was murdered there. >> the are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. there is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. >> there was no sympathy from the president, but he called for a deep look into the causes of anti-u.s. muslim rioting and demand leaders do more now. >> it's time to marginalize those who even when not directly resorting to violence use hatred of america, the west or israel as the central
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organizing principle politics. >> that president of iran called for the elimination of israel. >> make no mistake -- a nuclear- armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. >> the israeli prime minister publicly pushed mr. obama to threaten force against iran. he did not. >> america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy and we believe there is still time and space to do so. >> met romney was in new york, saying not enough good jobs and muslim nations leads to radicalism. he promised aid to promote private industry. >> nothing we can do as a nation will change lives and nations more effectively and permanently than sharing the insight that lies at the foundation of america pause own economy. >> it is the economy president obama sees as his main focus. he broke with previous practice and sat in a just a few meetings before heading back to
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washington. >> coming up, a real blow tonight for a state delegate accused of using campaign money to pay for her wedding. >> the maryland high court is laying down a lot. >> maryland is looking to hire more school teachers. up
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>> new tonight at 5:30, just one month into the new school year, maryland is a chip -- is facing the other teacher shortage. a staffing report out today, state school officials say they need more educators to teach in what they call a critical shortage areas. >> that includes everything from math to world languages. what's being done to address this problem? let's go live to this room for more on this story. how serious a shortage are we talking about? >> this is not a new problem. its one school districts are trying to sell before potential teachers get to college. >> does anyone have an answer for no. 2, the second part? he's a first-year teacher at eastern technical high school,
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but he's no stranger on campus. he is able to complete college with the help of the scholarship from baltimore county that encourages it is to choose a career in teaching. >> i love where i am. i love teaching and i love the building i men. the kids are great. i like it a lot. >> we think it's really cool a former graduate of our school would be able to come back and be a teacher. >> a new staffing report points out the need for school-based programs. >> that it's very important for students in terms of career counseling no matter what field they go into. but when our shortage areas -- teaching is a wonderful career to embark upon. >> math is just one critical area. there's a need in computer science, it's areas like chemistry and physics, a special-education, english as a second language and world bank
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which is. just down the hall here, is the teacher academy of maryland or high school teachers get a test of the real world. >> they go through a series of courses that helps them decide if they're interested in this profession. >> most have already made up their minds. >> you get a head start. the things we're doing now, you would do as a freshman in college. it is amazingly have this opportunity in our education system. we are ahead of everyone else and can go into college with a head start. >> it was really fun getting to work with the kids and getting to know them. >> school officials say there is a shortage of male and minority teachers as well. to see the entire staffing report, go to our web site and click on "education of our."
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schools in baltimore county just got $7 million stronger. part of a grant from johns hopkins university. the university partnerships will include 1600 students in third through fifth grade at nine public schools. >> over the next few days, all eyes are what's being done to our nation's schools. it is the "nbc education nation summit. we have a look at what happened today. >> for the past three days, at the summit inside the new york public library, we have them looking to solutions to problems inside and outside the classroom. it's one area where both candidates can agree. >> standing inside the new york
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public library, mitt romney laid out what he called a crucial component for education reform. >> the key for me really -- relates to a great teachers and families that can support their child. >> i am a strong believer that the way you get results is to get everyone involved. >> both men echoed priorities expressed in the summit. >> the zip code should not determine the trajectory of their life. >> america must have the best schools in the world. >> back countries that out compete us, that is what they do. >> the demand that the entire community's support the schools. >> we cannot afford to leave children behind. >> but they don't agree on how to fund the goals. president obama plans to reward states known as the common court. >> we're going to give more
5:33 pm
money to schools that are serious about reform. >> romney would rather let the states set standards. >> i want to provide incentive that the federal level to encourage states to encourage new choice. >> two different choices aimed at improving our children's future. >> the summit is just the start. people leaving here today say they are encouraged by the commitment leaders have shown. >> you can follow the education nation movement and learn how to get involved at and click on education alert. see the latest education trends and news from right here in maryland, including tips to address believe. >> some breaking news right now -- let's send it up to capt. roy
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taylor. >> this is route 100, just east of route 97, a vehicle overturned. the medics have just left, transporting a female to shock trauma. police are on the scene doing the investigation, becausef the rubbernecking, traffic has backed up. >> thank you. here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. the nfl is meeting with locked out officials following another weekend of confusion and questionable calls on the part of replaced the referees. nfl officials say that missed call cost the green bay packers the wind. this is the past should not have been overturned that acknowledge the seahawks receiver should have been called for offensive pass interference. we have a look at the referees that made questionable calls during the raven's game on
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sunday. changes could be coming to some popular hangouts following an early-morning malay over the weekend. police say fights broke out sunday morning after an overflow crowd turned out for an event by organization that rent out the theater. one man was shot and six others were arrested. the baltimore county police chief plans to meet with the theater's owner and the county liquor board. two more shooting investigations in baltimore city, one of them deadly. police discovered a manned space down and outside of a blue dodge caravan on the 1800 block of motion street. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no word on a suspect or possible motive. about an hour prior, police responded to another shooting on vine street. police found a victim suffering from a gunshot wound. no word on their condition. >> as the condolences continue to pour into the national zoo in
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washington -- >> officials are still trying to solve the mystery of the six-day old panda cub. how is the mother doing? details when we come back.
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>> maryland has -- the decision is in response to a decision filed the grievance commission which unveiled several violations of rules of codes of conduct, including representation of conduct. she did not respond to a request for more of formation. the first term democrat was found guilty in june for using $800 in state money to pay an employee in her office. the trial has been scheduled for next month on charges that she's campaign money to pay for what the expenses. state prosecutors failed to reach a plea deal to settle the cases. >> the investigation continues
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tonight into the death of a panda cub at the national zoo. only survived six days. zoo officials say they will not know why the cub died until they get the result of a full necropsy. that will take a few weeks. we do know it had a liver abnormalities, but also working against it is the high mortality rate of newborn panda babies in captivity which is a staggering 80%. zoo officials say they are focused on the cubs mother. as she started interacting with her keepers, they said that a good sign. the supreme court could decide whether it will take up to a landmark same sex cases. one involves a new york woman who says they unfairly treat same-sex couples married in their own state. she said she had to pay federal taxes on her estate because new york state did not recognize their out of state marriage. a california law focuses on the
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and on same-sex marriage. the eventual ruling would not happen until sometime next year. another big case heading to the supreme court -- whether police should get a warrant before ordering a test i drunk driving suspect. the issue has divided courts around the country and justices have agreed to take the case involving a disputed blood test from missouri. the missouri supreme court said police need a warrant to test for blood except in special circumstances, including when a delay could threaten a life or other special evidence. the dissipation of our call in the bloodstream is reason enough to bypass the warrant, they say. >> there are 76 different types of be a better being pulled from the shelves because of a possible stumbling contamination. >> i was not able to buy some today in target. the trader joe's recall just got much bigger. >> i was jumping up and down and
5:42 pm
thought i won the lottery. >> at the cancer survivor is holding the winning ticket. wait until you hear what he is going to do with the money. >> picking up on some rain headed this way. headed this way. a few
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>> coming up at 6:00 -- a bad referee called cost the packers a game against the seahawks. argument against the replacement referees. businesses in towson are on high alert -- the changes that could
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>> the extradition of a radical cleric to the united states could come within the next few weeks. he and four others are facing terrorism charges. we've got more from london. >> this was a case in britain in which the queen herself intervene if years ago, asking governor -- asking government officials why he had not been arrested. after a long as legal battle, one of britain posthumous pretoria's extremists is set for extradition to the united states which had invited him for trying to set up a terrorist training camp in america and having had a hand in kidnapping westerners in yemen. >> there is no question he's a
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very dangerous man and successive governments have been trying to get him. >> he and four other terror suspects had their appeals rejected by the court of human rights. two of them are accused of having been a to a summit of latin. they argue long sentences would amount to inhumane treatment, but the court did not agree. he now faces life in prison if convicted. this is a big move and continued cooperation between the u.s. and u.k. after september 11. >> from earthquake scarce to turn it is, maryland has seen it all. but that are rare storm packing winds of up to 70 miles an hour, as some of the worst power outages in history. may help prepare as for the future, but the upcoming winter storm season is not that far off. long-term forecasts are calling
5:47 pm
for above average snowfall for the atlantic region. that is why emergency officials say it's important for residents and businesses to be prepared for bad storms and the potential for extended power outages. today's message, be prepared to make all the different. stock of flashlights, water, extra food. emergency officials stress its important to avoid using candles because of the fire danger. >> maybe that was just the natural way of doing some pruning. >> that was a lot of printing. >> the pattern is why everyone is ramping up. it tends to produce more -- that does not mean the cold air will be there when the storm is there. that has to come together. a snowstorm and the forecast, but a little rain coming our way. temperatures are a little below
5:48 pm
normal. we have been enjoying some cool fall whether eight below the average. the normal as 54. 75 for the afternoon high. the record still in the upper 90s. this late in the year back in the 1970's, the record low almost down to freezing. no rain today, so we are running a deficit for the month. 6.78 inches below normal. that could change beginning tomorrow. some sprinkles and light showers will push baltimore and the potential was there to pick up a few scattered showers. but it won't be as cool tonight and the southerly breeze will keep the temperature up. look for lows in the '50s. a light south wind at 5 miles an hour and for the first time this fall, the sun goes down before 7:00. high pressure off the coast, now to floods, our way.
5:49 pm
one is working up into the ohio valley. they will merge, consolidate, and become one almost stationary front in the mid-atlantic. with these two fronts, the risk of the shower lenders. a risk of a shower in our forecast for several days beginning late tonight and tomorrow. there could be a little thunder as the temperature is warm to around 80 degrees. the winds are fairly brisk, gusting to 20 knots. a small craft advisory is in effect tomorrow. the tropics have been quiet for several days now. weeks, really. this tropical storm nadine. she developed two weeks ago. the store has been wandering around the atlantic for two weeks and it's still hanging on with 40 mile an hour winds. look at the track where it developed -- it turned up east of bermuda and has been doing
5:50 pm
some a loop the loop out here but just holding on in a stationary pattern. continue thatto right out over the atlantic. two weeks and counting cents nadine form that still has 45 mile an hour when that has not harmed anybody in any major land areas, thankfully. 74 degrees on thursday. still a chance of a shower, only 20%. doesn't look like a washout but there may be sprinkled in the area for the ravens game. a risk of a shark continues and we try out in the early part of next week. >> what started as a trader joe's peanut butter recall is expanding to more products due to a salmonella outbreak that hit maryland. the recall started with trader joe's creamy salted valencia peanut butter, but tonight, officials report its expanding to 76 different types of peanut
5:51 pm
butter because they were manufactured with the same equipment. it includes all want broader and peanut butter products made between may 1 of september 21. have been sold a major supermarket chains nationwide. we have them listed on our web site as well. the u.s. postal service's financial situation is looking grim tonight. by sunday, the services required by law to pay the fettle -- federal cover of $5.6 billion to fund health care benefits for retirees, but it won't be able to do that because it doesn't have the money. this is the second time they will have defaulted out of payment. the cash shortage will not affect your mail and employees and suppliers will get paid, but officials say the service will start running out of money by the spring unless congress acts soon and that could mean a drastic cuts to the mail delivery system.
5:52 pm
as of california drivers don't have to worry about, they could soon see the google driverless cars on the road. the governor signed a bill today, making the cars street legal. the self driving car has computer-controlled peddle them staring guided by cameras and other sensors. someone still has to pay attention and be ready to take over if needed. talk about a backseat driver. they will have to draft some rules for public testing. >> thank you. frustration, controversy, and lots of complaints. barely into the football season, replacement refs are causing an uproar around the nfl. everyone is asking who are these guys in stripes? we have some answers at 6:00. >> in this mega millions ticket 1819-rolled to an $50,000. but there is more to the story than just that. i'll have the details, next.
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>> these ravens than the one the lottery, but it will be getting any cash. they will get a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to travel with the ravens when they take off -- when they take on the cheese. they will fly on the team plane and stay in the team hotel. this is the fourth year the ravens have a partner with the lottery. aside from the trip, other prizes include a million dollars in cash and season tickets for life. if you're lucky, not a bad deal
5:56 pm
for a $5 investment now to a lottery winner with a truly inspirational story. he beat the odds and survived cancer and now he is the newest mega millions a winner. wait until you hear what he's going to do with the money. >> he seems like your average 19-rolled, hoping to become a police officer. as of monday, eased $250,000 richer. he bought a lottery ticket that made him a second-tier winner in the mega millions game. >> i looked at the ticket multiple times before it clicked that all the numbers matched except for one. analysis speechless, my mom was wondering what was going on. i couldn't speak and i ran and gave the ticket. >> he says he plans to use some of the money to pay off his car and save to buy a home. but he also plans to donate it. he was diagnosed with leukemia
5:57 pm
in 2005 and has been cancer free for four years now and wants to give back. >> as a cancer survivor, i cannot pay back what people have done for me. they really helped me out a lot and i would like to give back to the community that gave to me. hopefully help someone else just like someone help me. on his list are the leukemia and as live, society and they make a wish foundation which sent him on a cruise. he overcame the odds to beat cancer and now he beat the odds at 3.5 million to one to win the lottery. >> anyone who plays the lottery, we're thrilled. but he's a nice young man and a hard worker and a cancer survivor willing to give back. he is an exceptional water. >> people keep saying i deserve it, but there are people who are far off worse than i am that could use them anymore and i'm
5:58 pm
just glad i can help them out. in a big way. >> there's still a second curator who has yet to come forward from march 30 trying. now's the time to check the ticket because that expires on friday. >> in case you are wondering, the unclaimed ticket was sold at a 711 on beaver dam road. check those tickets. that's all for us at 5:00. here's a look a what is coming up at 6:00. >> more controversy with the replacement officials in the nfl. who are these guys? that story, next. >> a major step in transforming this vacant lot in the baltimore to a casino. details coming up. >> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 6:00. >> are big story, since the nfl agreed a bad call cost the green
5:59 pm
bay packers game against the seahawks. >> it was the final play of the game and was called in correctly. the nfl says the touchdown pass should not have been overturned but acknowledged that it should have been called offensive pass interference before the catch. this is something the football committee has feared since the season began. at the nfl could not reach a collective bargaining agreement in june. >> but who are these guys anyhow? ravens fans are wondering, as a whole country heard loud and clear sunday night. we put our investigative reporter on the case. >> the replacement officials have become the headline event of the young season, causing controversy, frustration, and lots of completing. the experience may be overmatched by football and the nfl. maybe you shouldn't blame


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